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“Portraits of Percussion” project at the Visual Art Exchange in Raleigh by Greg Whitt and myself

By September 7, 2016News, Recent art

Greg Whitt and I have been approved to be the collaborator artists for the LAB project at the VAE in Raleigh for September!! This First Friday Sept. 2 was our first “performance”! “LOOK, DON’T TOUCH!” You’ve heard it your whole life. We want to challenge that in VAE’s LAB where we’ll inspire participants rather than patrons. http://www.vaeraleigh.org/exhibitions/thelab
Greg facilitates interactive music experiences using percussion. You don’t need any experience to join his band. Within minutes, you’re creating the groove, in rhythm and harmony with everyone around you.
I’ve been capturing the moment. No photography here — real paint and brushes flying across the page create portraits and cover art that gets pinned to the wall — right here, right now.
You’re not listening to the music. You’re making it.
You’re not looking at art. You’re the subject.
We’re the artists, and you’re working with us.
I’ve been painting quick 3-5 minute portraits that are part of the exhibit. People have been writing messages and statements, so by the end of the show, we’d have a collage of art and words. This is a “Facebook wall” in real life.
I covered aprox. 400sq.ft of wall with paper and abstract paintings inviting the public to engage! Stay tuned for more info. Stop by the VAE and add your statement to our community wall!

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